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Specific Issue Polygraph Examinee Instruction Written Audio Tape Recording (WAT)

This 30-minute audio tape recording is designed for use in the administration of specific-issue polygraph examinations under the requirements of the Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988 (EPPA) when an employer has suffered an economic loss or injury and wishes to resolve the matter with the use of the polygraph. This audio tape recording contains the required EPPA notice and a full explanation of the nature and characteristics of the polygraph examination. In addition to the rights of the examinee, the rights of the polygraphist conducting the polygraph examination are also articulated. This audio tape recording provides the examinee with all of the important and necessary information required prior to the introduction of the issue(s) selected for testing, the review of the test questions, and the collection of the physiological data used for analysis, quantification and determination of truth or deception. This audio tape contributes to the standardization of the pretest interview so vital to the validity of the examination process.

Because the aforesaid Audio Tape begins with a personalized welcoming introduction, listing all of the credentials of the polygraphist(s) conducting the polygraph examination(s), the Audio Tape is offered in a written form (Written Audio Tape WAT) consisting of seven (7) pages of single-spaced text. The polygraphist inserts his/her personalized welcoming introduction, using the Written Audio Tape (WAT) as a model. Then the polygraphist or someone of his/her choice would then read the entire text into a tape recorder to make a master copy, which can then be used in the administration of Pre-Employment Polygraph Examinations. The cost of this WAT is $49.95 which can be transmitted by regular mail or facsimile.

In the event that you wish J.A.M. Publications to make a Customized Audio Tape Recording (CATR) for you, we will then require that you provide us with your credentials which will be inserted into a personalized Written Audio Tape Recording (CATR) which will be forwarded to you in a Ready-to-Play audio tape recording. The cost of this CATR is $149.95 plus shipping and handling.

A Model Release Form in compliance with EPPA will also be provided with all purchases of the aforementioned written or recorded Audio Tape for Specific-Issue polygraph examinations.