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The CAUL, Part I: Born with a Mission. 343 Pages.

He Was Born with the Caul, Invulnerable to Danger, Destined for Adventure.

According to legend, those born with the Caul, a protective membrane covering an infant’s body, are special beyond measure, resistant to physical harm until a fabulous destiny has been fulfilled. On a cold March night in 1931, the extraordinary James Markham emerges into the world, enveloped by the Caul, which stands as a prophecy to the wonders and tribulations he will encounter in his life. Born with a Mission is the first installment in the epic trilogy, The Caul, establishing the early adventures of the young Jim Markham. Taught early by his French-Canadian Grandmaman in Montreal to face challenges instead of retreating from them, Markham learns that he is indeed different, and assumes a responsibility of defending the weak and powerless that travels both the years of his life and the lands of this earth. This is a story of self-sacrifice and justice. From taking a beating for a victimized schoolmate in boarding school, to defending the honor of a black friend hounded by a racist punk in New York, to preventing a mad Frenchman from killing his wife in a bar; it’s evident that James Markham may very well be a foundation of hope and fortitude for dark, dark times ahead. Prepare yourself for an expedition across this wondrous and terrible world through the eyes of a courageous young man secured by his faith and powers beyond comprehension, trained by the United States Air Force and Office of Special Investigations to confront, and obliterate, evil.

The CAUL, Part II: Truth and Deception. 328 Pages.

He is the Truthseeker, and His Voice Cries Justice.

In a world suffocating with lies and deception, those rate individuals who unfailingly hear the pleas of justice stand out. Jim Markham is one of those individuals, and he shines as a beacon of truth, allowing the scores of people his life touches to find their way along shadowed paths to a brilliant moral light. Truth and Deception is the riveting sequel to Born with a Mission, the second volume of the epic trilogy. The Caul, wherein Jim Markham becomes a seasoned Agent of both Air Force Office of Special Investigations and the Army Criminal Investigations Division, confronting chaos and disorder, and ultimately rises as a Polygraph Scientist invincible to deceit. Fans of James Clavell and Gary Jennings will love this chapter in Matte’s story, as Markham travels all over the world, experiencing exotic customs and meeting fascinating people while he faithfully serves the United States Armed Forces. Join Markham on a mission: to reveal spies in the US military selling information to Moscow; to solving the riddle of a murdered girl in South Korea; to subjecting an Arabian Prince to a polygraph examination at Markham’s own peril. Witness the love of an honest man, and that love’s high price. You’re invited to see the truth of James Markham’s astounding destiny. A man blessed with the protection of the Caul. But is the Caul enough to protect him from the Father of Deceit?

The CAUL, Part III: Good vs. Evil. 295 Pages.

He Sails the Open Sea to Confront a Rising Evil.

This final volume of Matte’s epic trilogy, The Caul, proves to be the most exciting thus far. Seven decades ago, James Markham was born, enveloped by that thin membrane of skin that some believe spells out a life for that child that holds wonders ahead beyond the powers of the imagination. Finally, readers will learn the secret of Markham’s remarkable destiny. Informed by his longtime friend, Alex Petrov in the Unites States Central Intelligence Agency, there are those in this sordid world who want nothing more than to see James Markham dead. For Markham is a wanted man, because his goal is to uncover Truth, and in a world riddled with lies, that Truth is terribly dangerous. With attempts on his life, the ageless hero embarks on his 41 foot cutter-rigged sailboat, dubbed The Caul, traversing from Lake Erie, to Lake Michigan, down the Mississippi River, through the waters of the Gulf of Mexico across the great expanse of the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. But this is not a mere travelogue, for Markham’s journey is fraught with battles with vicious pirates off the Iberian Coast, the rescue of a Israeli friend from dark torture prisons of Libya, and cavalcades of women desperate to have Jim Markham for their own. And while sailing and fighting for Justice in the Mediterranean, a terrible evil ripens in America. Mr. Markham, it’s time to come home.

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