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James Allan Matte
James Allan Matte The author, born in Brooklyn, New York during the Great Depression, spent his adolescence in Montreal, Canada where he was educated in French Canadian schools. Three years after his return to New York, the Korean War was declared and the author was inducted in the United States Air Force where he eventually became an intelligence specialist using his fluency in French to collect strategic information for the OSI in France.

His demonstrated talent for counterintelligence resulted in his acceptance at the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI) Academy in Washington, DC and graduation as an OSI Special Agent and in that capacity he conducted criminal, counterintelligence and personnel security investigations. Seven years later, he accepted a commission with the United States Army Criminal Investigations Division Command and served honorably as a Special Agent of the C.I.D. It is during that last assignment that the author attended the Backster School of Lie Detection in New York City and shortly thereafter retired from the United States Army to become a full-time civilian polygraphist, a profession he found most suitable to his innate abilities and previous experience as a special agent.

In the three decades that followed, the author distinguished himself by developing unique psychological techniques and formats that significantly advanced the discipline of forensic psychophysiology and his field research resulted in the publication of many articles and several textbooks that are currently being utilized in accredited polygraph schools throughout the world. The author was honored for his distinguished achievements in research, teaching and writing by the American Polygraph Association in 1997 with the John E. Reid Memorial Award, and in 2003 he was presented with the Robert & Mary Ann Henson Memorial Award as the Outstanding Graduate of the Backster School of Lie Detection. The author has now embarked on a new career as a novelist using his real-life experiences to expose the evil that permeates the world and celebrate the gallant, courageous individuals who devote their lives with a true moral compass to the protection of our freedom and safety.