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Review of The CAUL, A Trilogy.
Part III: Good vs. Evil

By Ellen Tanner Marsh, New York Times Best Selling Author.
June 7, 2006

James Allan Matte bursts back onto the literary scene with the final part of his extraordinary trilogy, The Caul. Hero James Markham is now in his seventies, still writing deeply moving poetry, still attracting the attentions of more than a few adoring young women, and still deeply religious and deeply concerned about the fate of the world. A former O.S.I. agent and a retired C.I.D. agent and polygraphist, he wants above all to retire in peace, but world events won't let him. Moreover he's about to face his most dangerous mission yet: preventing the Master of Evil and Deceit from attaining world leadership and thus causing the actual fall of Christianity.

Matte is in top storytelling form here, and the book ripples with excitement as Markham saves a little girl from a plane crash, rediscovers a long lost sister and finds his clairvoyant gift coming into full flower. But what makes him such a unique and ultimately human hero isn't just the polygraph skills that rescue him time and time again - it's his religion. Indeed, Markham's faith in God subverts a would-be assassin and gives self-worth to a lost woman. But his most daunting task is dealing with a senator named Lucien Santini, who could very well be the Antichrist.

Here the premise - and the promise - of the first two works in this well-crafted trilogy are finally condensed into the most significant of terms. Could Markham be the Truth Seeker mentioned in the infamous Bible code, the one man who can take this dangerous demon down? And can he do it before the senator becomes America's next president?

Wise and deeply human, Matte's final part of the trilogy is a spiritual book that's not only beautifully written, but deeply inspirational. And in Matte's capable hands, faith is seen as the greatest weapon of all.