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Review of The CAUL, A Trilogy.
Part II: Truth and Deception

By Ellen Tanner Marsh, New York Times Best Selling Author.
June 7, 2006

Throughout history, the world has seen men and women who appeared destined to change the course of humanity - some for the better and others for the worse. One of these men is James Markham, born with the "Caul of Destiny," and in the assured Book Two of The Caul trilogy, author James Allan Matte introduces us to a Markham who is beginning to come into his own. His is a journey fraught with danger, treachery, disillusionment and even the loss of those he loves.

Markham is now a special agent with missions that take him to far-away places such as Saudi Arabia and Korea in a series of harrowing adventures, throughout which his strong belief in God helps to sustain him. This is the era of Vietnam, and readers will be fascinated by Markham's involvement with the advent of polygraph technology as well as the endlessly tumultuous backdrop of those unsettling times. But besides coping with the world problem, Markham now faces an intensely personal one, and his own spiritual crisis erupts when his beloved wife contracts a terminal illness.

What is the truth, the author asks, and how do we know it? And how do we approach and come to know the deeper truths, the ones that save our souls as well as our person? Can Markham meet his challenges and still keep his until now unshakable faith?

Matte's writing is clear and the tale he tells riveting, a narrative that propels readers to follow Markham to the destiny he was born to fulfill, one that Matte begins to reveal as one that will have an impact on the entire world. This is a tautly told novel about faith, truth and the destinies that await us.