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BookSurge proudly announces the publication of The Caul III: Good vs. Evil, by James Allan Matte.

He Sails the Open Sea to Confront a Rising Evil.

All his long life Jim Markham has recognized justice and sought to vanquish it with all his power. In this final installment, Markham stands in the presence of a concentrated evil unlike any he’s seen before.

This final volume of Matte’s epic trilogy, The Caul, proves to be the most exciting thus far. Seven decades ago, James Markham was born, enveloped by that thin membrane of skin that some believe spells out a life for that child that holds wonders ahead beyond the powers of the imagination. Finally, readers will learn the secret of Markham’s remarkable destiny. Informed by his longtime friend, Alex Petrov in the United States Central Intelligence Agency, there are those in this sordid world who want nothing more than to see James Markham dead. For Markham is a wanted man, because his goal is to uncover Truth, and in a world riddled with lies, that Truth is terribly dangerous.

With attempts on his life, the ageless hero embarks on his 41 foot cutter-rigged sailboat, dubbed The Caul, traversing from Lake Erie, to Lake Michigan, down the Mississippi River, through the waters of the Gulf of Mexico across the great expanse of the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. But this is not a mere travelogue, for Markham’s journey is fraught with battles with vicious pirates off the Iberian Coast, the rescue of a Israeli friend from dark torture prisons of Libya, and cavalcades of women desperate to have Jim Markham for their own.

And while sailing and fighting for Justice in the Mediterranean, a terrible evil ripens in America. Mr. Markham, it’s time to come home…

About the Author
James Allan Matte was born in Brooklyn, NY and was raised in Montreal, Canada. After a decade serving the United States Air Force, then collecting strategic information for the Office of Special Investigations in France employing his fluency in French, Mr. Matte accepted a commission with the United States Army Criminal Investigations Division.

An alumnus of the Backster School of Lie Detection in NYC, he has since enjoyed a successful career as a civilian polygraphist. Many of Mr. Matte’s techniques have propelled the understanding of the science of polygraphy into a new age, resulting in articles and textbooks utilized in certified polygraph schools worldwide. Among other awards received, Mr. Matte was presented in 2003 with the Robert and Mary Ann Henson Award for the Outstanding Graduate of the Backster School of Lie Detection.

For more information, or for a free review copy, please contact the author at editor@jampublications.com. This book is now available for order from BookSurge.com, Amazon.com, Abebooks.com, borders.com and Alibris.com.