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BookSurge proudly announces the publication of The Caul Part I: Born with a Mission, by James Allan Matte

He Was Born with the Caul, Invulnerable to Danger, Destined for Adventure.

According to legend, those born with the caul, a protective membrane covering an infantís body, are special beyond measure, resistant to physical harm until a fabulous destiny has been fulfilled. On a cold March night in 1931, the extraordinary James Markham emerges into the world, enveloped by the caul, which stands as a prophecy to the wonders and tribulations he will encounter in his life. Born with a Mission is the first installment in the epic trilogy, The Caul, establishing the early adventures of the young Jim Markham.

Taught early by his French-Canadian Grandmaman in Montreal to face challenges instead of retreating from them, Markham learns that he is indeed different, and assumes a responsibility of defending the weak and powerless that travels both the years of his life and the lands of this earth. This is a story of self-sacrifice and justice. From taking a beating for a victimized schoolmate in boarding school, to defending the honor of a black friend hounded by a racist punk in New York, to preventing a mad Frenchman from killing his wife in a bar: itís evident that James Markham may very well be a foundation of hope and fortitude for dark, dark times ahead.

Prepare yourself for an expedition across this wondrous and terrible world through the eyes of a courageous young man secured by his faith and powers beyond comprehension, trained by the United States Air Force and Office of Special Investigations to confront, and obliterate, evil. 

About the Author
James Allan Matte was born in Brooklyn, NY and was raised in Montreal, Canada. After a decade serving the United States Air Force, then collecting strategic information for the Office of Special Investigations in France employing his fluency in French, Mr. Matte accepted a commission with the United States Army Criminal Investigations Division. An alumnus of the Backster School of Lie Detection in NYC, he has since enjoyed a successful career as a civilian polygraphist. Many of Mr. Matteís techniques have propelled the understanding of the science of polygraphy into a new age, resulting in articles and textbooks utilized in accredited polygraph schools worldwide. Among other awards received, Mr. Matte was presented in 2003 with the Robert and Mary Ann Henson Award for the Outstanding Graduate of the Backster School of Lie Detection.

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