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The Caul - A Trilogy

Part I: Born with A Mission

Chapter I The Arrival 1
Chapter II Repatriation 69
Chapter III The Korean War 113
Chapter IV Voyage to England 127
Chapter V The Homeless Period 225
Chapter VI Return to England 233
Chapter VII Last Yankee Stronghold in Africa 253
Chapter VIII The French Experience 269

Part II: Truth and Deception

Chapter I Special Agent O. S. I. 1
Chapter II Special Agent C. I. D. 47
Chapter III Mission in the Far East 85
Chapter IV Project Transition 179
Chapter V Truth Verification—Lie Detection 191
Chapter VI Emergence of a Scientist 211
Chapter VII Politics and Science—The Unending Struggle 247
Chapter VIII Mission in Saudi Arabia 263
Chapter IX Mission in Israel 285
Chapter X Mission in Paris, France 299
Chapter XI Freedom by Sea 325

Part III: Good vs. Evil

Chapter I The Fateful Revelation 1
Chapter II The Good Samaritan and the Cross 55
Chapter III Society Against Truth and Nativity 69
Chapter IV Conflict in the Gulf of Mexico 77
Chapter V Piracy in the Northeast Atlantic 99
Chapter VI Voyage in the Mediterranean Sea 123
Chapter VII Rescue From Libya 163
Chapter VIII Prophetic Meeting in Croatia 185
Chapter IX The Secret Society of Jesuits 199
Chapter X A Storm From Hell 229
Chapter XI The Truth-Seeker Confronts the Anti-Christ 249